About Us

After graduating from Pratt institute in New York, I stayed and worked in New York City for two years before I started to chase my dreams of creating my own brand of products. Throughout my college and work years, I have always wanted to create my own brand of products for people to enjoy and that's when I came up with Muso. Since Muso stands for "dream" in Japanese and is also very close to the word "muse", I thought it was a very fitting name for my own company where I strive to turn my creative dreams into reality. Muso's goal is to bring high value products with design for everyone to enjoy. 
For my first product, I would want to create a keyboard which can give significant value towards it's user. Being a keyboard enthusiast myself, I would want to introduce features that are usually only found on the custom keyboard market to a much larger audience. The Creator was designed with this philosophy in mind. I hope, through the Creator, more people can gain interest in the custom keyboard market and discover the joy of owning a uniquely personalized keyboard of their own.